Great ideas disperse

A tiny prick
on my fingertip
then Release
pressure, led
to a red egg
gravity hoping
to crack it open

on the sink water
I witnessed her
first birth
emerging with mirth
a red dragon
on ripples dancing
wings spread
tail swirling,
She captured me,
I stood back
confounded with beauty
that lasted a second
and with dissolution ended 

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i walk fast

I take wide strides
to abide by
the timeline
I set in my mind
My own pace
for my own taste
I dig haste 
Don’t say slow down
The firm ground
is just unsound 
to these feet 
craving speed 

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 Ivy Jacobsen


Ivy Jacobsen

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I suck at gardening

A cup of dirt
Then life
around another 
And I, a once benevolent
with careful 
rain and sun
now a wrathful 
with hands 
searching for the 
and cutting the rest 

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“Unwelcome, hunted and
shunned, they return
in strategic battalions,
yelling lemon yellow
from their posts,
not to say, we are here!
Or, look at me!
But to remind us
to be humble
and brave, that there is
beauty in simplicity
and to

-the plight of a dandelion

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listening to MY song

A thousand pounds
surround the sound
of the words he works

weight of the world
and tongue twirled

an origami note card
for my heart

Then sent out to my extremities
unwinds my taut spine
with such intensity

I see this world as its mine
made for me in its complexity
to unravel in 4/4 time

And when it ceases, hit rewind 

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…true love

Its easy to profess with might
“I love you more than the stars at night”
Stars? Puh-lease, I live in the city
give me something more…gritty

“I love you more than Netflix
and toilet paper
and easy commutes
and even gourmet food!”

I’m impressed
(You had me at Netflix)
Your love is strong 
my doubt was wrong 

But I make no reservations 
in stating my observation:
Poetic love is no feat  
without a truthful set of teeth 

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married life

I said my vows to science; keeping art my mistress. 

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You were born covered in the blood of another,
placed into the arms of your radiant mother
Your entry into the entropy
was mixed with violence and beauty
that has been around for all of humanity
The miracle of life is strife with struggles,
and hardships, and pain, but never in vain
Because what rose from the remains is the love of generations
passed down from relation to relation
so evidenced by your creation
Sacrifices were made, and they overcame
oppression, injustice, and hate
to culminate their fates
in the body of a small being, still rearing

And in that split second
from womb to world, you were the last in a line
that started from the beginning of our time
Somewhere deep inside your DNA
are stored the stories of
the wars of old tyrants
the words of the enlightened,
the embarrassment of young lovers
and warriors who died for another

There is no such thing as a clean slate
nothing is left unwritten at this rate, 
humans have lived a billion days
and in a million ways
you are just cliché
But a Frankenstein monster
made of the works of great authors
is brilliant anyway

So when you are feeling alone,
I urge you to reach down to your bones
and remember if you can,
that you are the flesh sum of the experiences of man 

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I need a new haircut

The breeze blows my bangs 
straight up and out to the sides
As it does to an 
open window 
with cloth curtains 
Any passerby can peep in,
sneak quick glances 
into my wide eyes 
They see a drab 
interior and keep walking 
While I frantically
draw my hair back down 
and hope they couldn’t see 
the corners 

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